Getting to Trondheim: It is easy!

By air

The main international airport is no more than 30 kilometres away from the city centre. In addition to very frequent domestic departures and arrivals with the airlines SAS, Norwegian and Wideroe, Trondheim Airport Værnes also has direct flights from Stockholm (SAS), Copenhagen (SAS), Amsterdam (KLM), London Gatwick (Norwegian), and less frequent direct flights from Murcia, Alicante, Berlin, Barcelona, Tallinn and more.

See here for flights to and from Trondheim airport.

Travel from the airport to Trondheim city is also easy. The airport bus is the best choice. There are two bus companies operating the route from Værnes airport to Trondheim city center. You easily find them right outside the arrival hall and they are leaving about every 10 minutes. Price 130 NOK one way (about €15) (students travel for 90 NOK). A taxi from the airport to Trondheim costs around €75-85. Check out the prices and schedules.

By train

Check out NSB for information about train travel in Norway.
Travel by train in Norway (Photo: Visit Norway)

Travel by train in Norway (Photo: Visit Norway)

By sea

If you really want to arrive with style, you can consider making your Trondheim visit a unique holiday. The Coastal Express (Hurtigruten) is called the most beautiful sea voyage of the world and takes you into the many Norwegian fjords before arriving Trondheim. You could start south from Bergen or north from Tromsø. Both would be a three days journey to Trondheim. Please plan well in advance.
The coastal express ferry in the Geiranger fjord (Photo: Visit Norway)

The coastal express ferry in the Geiranger fjord (Photo: Visit Norway)

There are also a few international cruise lines that arrive or depart Trondheim around the days of the conference. This page lists the cruise arrivals in Trondheim.

By car

If you are traveling from the south of Norway, there are two options: E6 or RV3. The drive from Oslo to Trondheim takes about 7 hours. If you travel from east (Östersund, Sweden), take the E14 to Stjørdal, then south on E6. Plan your trip well in advance.