Tips about Trondheim


Trondheim has many nice restaurants to offer. We have made a selection of restaurants and bars that we especially like. You can roughly say that there are three restaurant scenes in Trondheim:

  • Solsiden: An old shipyard revived to one of the most hip areas in Trondheim
  • Bakklandet: The old town with its own charm
  • City Center
  • Activities

    Go for a scenic jog

     From your hotel, take a nice 30-minute jog around central Trondheim. Jog down to Trondheim Central Station, run westbound along the Trondheim fjord on the new Strandpromenaden, continue over the bicycle bridge at Skansen, cross southwards to Ila Kirke (church) and cross the pedestrian bridge down to Øya. Follow along the Nidelven river downstream back to Bakklandet (old Town) and your hotel. Finish with a well-deserved Dahls beer.  

    Torbjørn Netland, NTNU

    EurOMA 2016 Chair of Communication

    Visit Munkholmen


    Munkholmen from above (Photo: Åge Hojem/Trondheim Havn)

     Just under a mile out in the fjord from the Trondheim city center lies the small island of Munkholmen. This island’s name translates to”Islet of the Monks” and through history has been used as a monastery, prison, military fortress during WWII and execution site during the Viking ages (pre-997 A.C.E). Today, both locals and tourists visit the island for recreation activities such as swimming on sunny days, participating in historical tours and enjoying nice meals at the restaurant, located in the now converted Commanders Residence. A shuttle ferry departs from the Ravnkloa docks every hour from 10am until 6pm every day, and the ticket price is 80 NOK including return.For more information, visit the Munkholmen article on, the ferry operators website or Wikipedia.  

    Marius A. Hansen, NTNU

    EurOMA 2016 Head Coordinator of Volunteers

    Hike in Bymarka

     If you have a bit more time and would like to enjoy Norwegian outdoors, take a hike in Trondheim’s main recreational area Bymarka. Bymarka offers a remarkable variability in trails and terrain with 200km of hiking trails and is surprisingly easy to reach from the city center. Take the bus (nr. 10) up to Skistua, the ski lodge of Trondheim with a café open all year, and walk from there to Elgsehytta (about 3.5 kms). If you prefer a longer hike, continue walking from Elgsehytta up to Trondheim’s highest mountain top Storheia (565 meters height) and enjoy the view over the fjord and the city. The round trip will take you about 2½ hours. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a Norwegian waffle at one of the cabins!  

    Verena Hagspiel, NTNU

    EurOMA 2016 Organizer of Young Scholars Workshop

    Seaside Walk



     Go to Ladestien and take a walk along the beautiful seaside. Stop for a tea or coffee at Sponhuset and continue along the trail to find a nice spot to have a refreshing bath in the sea.  

    Heidi C. Dreyer, NTNU

    EurOMA 2016 Chair of Scientific programme

    Try the bike escalator


    World’s First Bike Escalator – of course in Trondheim (Photo:

      Bakklandet not only has a scenic architecture and nice shops to offer. It also is the location of the worldwide first bicycle escalator. If you are brave enough you can try the escalator with one of the city bikes. After the exhaustion you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the top of the hill at the Kristiansten Fortress.  

    Erlend Alfnes, NTNU

    EurOMA 2016 Organizer of Industry Panel

    Dødens Dal

     Back in my “younger” years I loved to spend my free time at Dødens Dal – the valley of death. For those of you that like to play around in the sand, take a trip to Dødens Dal and play a fun match of Beach Volleyball. Dødens Dal is located right next to Gløshaugen Campus and only a few minutes walk from the conference venue.  

    Gabriele Hofinger Jünge, NTNU

    EurOMA 2016 Member of the Organization Committee

    Go for a swim

     Cool down with a swim in the fjord at Sjøbadet, or treat yourself with a day in Norway’s largest indoor water park Pirbadet. Both are located on the waterfront in Trondheim, along Strandpromenaden.  

    Børge Sjøbakk, SINTEF

    EurOMA 2016 Organizer of the Social Programme

    Go kayaking

    Kayaking on Nidelva River

    Kayaking on Nidelva (Photo:

      If you want to do a different kind of sightseeing, rent a kayak and enjoy Trondheim from the river Nidelva. Dress accordingly! If it is not that warm outside you can rent a wetsuit at the rental place.  

    Jan Ola Strandhagen, NTNU

    EurOMA 2016 Chair of Finance

    Views over Trondheim

     Kristiansten Fortress and its surrounding park is perfect for a nice walk or a short jog. The Fortress was built after the city fire of Trondheim in 1681 to protect the city against attack. It is located on a hill east of the city, and has a great view over the city centre. If you want an even wider view, you may walk further upwards, pass “Kvilhaugen gård” and take the elevator to the top of Tyholttårnet, a 124 m high radio tower.  

    Lise Lillebrygfjeld Halse, Molde University College

    EurOMA 2016 Organizer of Doctoral Seminar