Regional Tour

Røros UNESCO World Heritage tour on June 22

View of Røros (photo credit: Tom Gustavsen for Destination Røros)

View of Røros (photo credit: Tom Gustavsen for Destination Røros)

With a multitude of historical landmarks and its old town on the UNESCO world heritage list, Røros is a must-see when visiting the Trøndelag region. Highlights include Røros church – which has been voted one of the ten Norwegian must-see landmarks by TripAdvisor. In the city center you will find many small shops and an exciting arts and crafts selection. (For more information about Røros see Destination Røros)

Old wooden houses at Røros

Røros (photo: T. Gustavsen)

Local ceramics shop

Local ceramics shop (photo: Visit Norway)

In the Røros-region we also find several cutting-edge Norwegian businesses. As part of our trip, we will get to visit two of them: Scandinavian Business Seating, and Røros Food.

Guided tour of Røros (photo credit: Tom Gustavsen)

Guided tour of Røros (photo: T. Gustavsen)

  • 08.00: Bus from Trondheim. Arrival in Røros around 10.20.
  • 10.30: SB Seating. Factory tour and company presentation.
  • 12.00: Lunch with local food and entertainment.
  • 12.45: Røros Food. Tour and company presentation.
  • 14.00: Guided tour of historical sites in Røros city center.
  • 15.00: Free time.
  • 15.30: Bus back to Trondheim. Arrival at 18:00.

About the companies:

Picture6Scandinavian Business Seating (SBS) is the largest office chair manufacturer in Europe, with the brands HÅG, RH, BMA and RMB. In their modern production facilities in Røros (producing the HÅG brand)they are at the forefront with mass customization – producing 250 000 made-to-order chairs yearly, which is made possible by clever use of modularization and IT technology. As part of our tour we will get to see this first hand, as we visit the production facilities.

It’s relentless focus on eliminating inventory and producing and delivering all orders on the same day that it confirms delivery of those orders, makes SB Seating one of the premier mass customizers in the world”. (Joseph Pine, visiting SB Seating in 2013 and 2014)

Picture7Røros Food is a cooperative of a multitude of local producers of food and beverage. By clever marketing and strategizing they have succeeded to build the Røros-name as a strong brand, associated with high quality and excellent taste – thus ensuring the future of the local food industry.We will visit their premises, including the brewery, to get insight into their recipe for success.